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How does Solari Investment Advisory Services differ from other investment advisory services?

  • Our investment analytics focus on long-term fundamental economics
  • Our analytics integrate non-transparent aspects of the political economy
  • We focus on primary trends, including technology and innovation, emerging markets and tangible assets
  • We seek to reduce risk by avoiding investments that have negative returns to living systems
  • We do not take discretionary control of accounts or custody of money
  • We follow traditional stock and bond investments
  • We follow gold and silver
  • We review alternative investments of interest to clients, including local investments and loans and gifts to family
  • Advisory fees are not determined by how many transactions you do
Does Solari Investment Advisory Services recommend specific investments?

Yes, we do. We may also recommend other brokers or investment advisors.

What are Solari Investment Advisory Services' fees?

Our compensation is not transaction-related —meaning, fees are not determined by by how many transactions you do.  Advisory fees are based on the investor's profile.  Fees also differ based on whether a one-time consultation is requested or an ongoing relationship via retainer.

One-time Consultation: This two-hour consultation is designed for investors who are experienced, well-served by their current advisors, or have a specific issue and need a limited amount of time to understand how to apply our approach. Consultations are provided to individuals for a flat fee of $2,500, payable in advance. Consultation clients receive a three month complimentary subscription to the Solari Report where you have access to the Building Wealth Collection in MP3 format.

Retainer Relationship: Solari Investment Advisory Services is not accepting new retainer clients. This is a traditional client relationship that is renewed for 25-week periods by mutual agreement. Send your questions to, or inquire about our fees at inquiries@solariadvisors.com. Retainer clients receive complimentary subscription to The Solari Report.

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